Personal experience of my final major project...

Personal experience of my final major project…

How to sum up at my 2 years at UAL?…

Its been turbulent, amazing, difficult, fun, challenging… all those those words you can think of!

Ive met some amazing people in my time there and learnt some things I never would of thought 2 years ago, I would of been able to do, the amount Ive learnt in what I believe is such a short amount of time is commendable to the tutors, the university and the students for taking it all in.

Ive had my difficulties mind you, losing my Uncle and my Grandad, having to move back to Yorkshire and commute down when I could afford so that I could continue study, balance working, having next to no money and other personal matters have all taken its toll on me both mentally and physically… But would I change any of it? Probably not no. These kind of things shape you in life and have most definitely fed my imagination as an animator to draw upon creatively, nobody ever said taking on this Masters would be easy. And I learnt the hard way it wasn’t. HOWEVER. It could always, always be far worse.

Most important of all, Im proud of myself. for many years I have wanted to learn how to animate and now I can say I have done that. At the very least I have achieved one dream.

And I most of all cannot wait to see where it takes me career wise.

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